Addressing change

10 Golden Rules:

  • 1) We consider company culture a priority and we help various employee groups and generations to work together productively and respectfully through our respectful management style. 
  • 2) We stand for a non-discriminative, age, gender and background-neutral recruitment and HR development process. 
  • 3) We pursue a forward-thinking, demographically-sound HR planning policy and are working towards implementing a varied, balanced age structure in our workforce. 
  • 4) In our company we set ourselves the goal of achieving proportionate representation for the 50 plus generation. 
  • 5) Through structuring working conditions we ensure that all employees in the company age healthily and that they can maintain their long-term employability at least until they reach the legal retirement age. 
  • 6) Through a consistent company health management policy we support all employees in setting up and maintaining personal resources and promote the responsibility of the individual to live and work healthily.
  • 7) We develop working hour and remuneration models which are suited to promoting the recruitment of various generations and employee groups.
  • 8) We set up mixed age group teams in order to promote knowledge transfer between generations. We want to make the best possible use of experience, current expertise innovative ideas and social competencies within the company. 
  • 9) We're convinced that lifelong learning outside of the workplace can make an essential contribution towards helping our employees to maintain their capacity to work and achieve. Therefore we're offering all employees in our companies opportunities to learn new things and further their development. We promote the individual's self responsibility to take advantage of learning opportunities and develop professionally and together we are developing the methodological skills this requires. 
  • 10) We outline ways in which a professional career can remain age-appropriate over the course of several years. In doing so we also want to offer older employees new professional opportunities. In our company we aim to help employees enjoy a flexible transition from work to retirement and develop sustainable alternatives to early retirement.

The 10 Golden Rules in pdf. format

A flyer featuring the 10 Golden Rules for a demographically-sound and respectful HR and company policy is available for download here [PDF, 221 kB].