Branch Office

The full-time branch office in Dortmund offers more services, more benefits and more opportunities for member companies. It advises and supports the ddn Board of Management and its members.

The branch office is managed by:

  • Dr. Rainer Thiehoff, managing director, member of the Board of Management and head of the branch office
  • Pascal Frai, editor and press officer
  • Martina Schmeink, network manager
  • Viviana Mehlan, administrator
  • Inge Greulich, team assistent
  • Monika Munjal, team assistent

"Now we can advise and support ddn members better than ever before and carry out important new projects such as regionalization. This is an important milestone in the short history of the association."
Dr. Rainer Thiehoff on the implementation of the full-time branch office

"It doesn't go without saying that networks and associations are so service-oriented."
Sibylle Albrecht, a manager interested in the ddn, on the work of the branch office

We were able to set up the branch office thanks to funding awarded by the German Ministry for Work and Social Affairs.

ddn Branch Office

German Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
Friedrich-Henkel-Weg 1-25
D-44149 Dortmund
Tel. 0231 9071 2846
Fax 0231 9071 2524