Goals of the ddn

What does the ddn want?

The ddn aims to make demographic change a priority and to turn our power into motion. The Demography Network aims to become the first platform in all of Germany for companies who don't just want to talk about the topic of demography but also make demography easier to address and measure.

How can companies make ideal preparations for aging workforces while remaining creative and competitive? How do other companies deal with this and how much progress has my company made in comparison? Which new challenges does the economically significant target group of older customers pose for products and services? In the future companies will no longer have to deal with these and other questions on their own.

What are the goals of the Demography Network?

The ddn companies want to get to grips with these challenges, view demography as an opportunity and thus to learn from the best."We've talked enough about demographic change. We want to, and have to, finally get down to action and develop practical solutions."(Roland Kutschenko at the foundation assembly on March 27, 2006)

Also read the Interview with Roland Kutschenko: "The shape of the future is in our hands."

In order to address demographic change productively, the ddn members have set themselves 10 golden rules. They are committed to adapting their HR and company policy to these rules.

ddn Organizational Chart

Not only research and practice but also information and regional activities are closely linked within the ddn. As a network created by companies for companies the General Meeting of the Members is the most important ddn institution. This forms the basis for the selection of the Board of Management. This is supported by the ddn branch office and the Scientific Advisory Board. The ddn organizational chart gives you an overview of how the Demography Network is set up.

ddn-Organigramm for Download