Working Group 6:

Communities and Business for Generations

The impact of demographic change is felt primarily by local people. Because it's here in the communities where it's decided how well generations and cultures will relate to each other in the future. It's here that people live, it's here where they grow old, build their family lives and develop relationships. Here they are given an education as early as possible which in particular helps them to develop a willingness and capacity to learn their whole lives through. Here location factors are created which motivate people to live and work within these communities - or even not to.Companies therefore have a crucial interest in making their business locations demographically-sound in the future. Therefore cooperation between companies and communities must be strengthened.  The working group "Communities and Economy for Generations" discusses the possibilities of supporting cities and municipalities and exchanges tried and tested approaches to problems as well as progress reports. The relationship between generations is an important focus of its work because more and more generations are represented in the personnel on the business premises. The future cooperation between old and young is a key factor for addressing demographic change in a a successful and opportunity-oriented way.  

Acting Director:
Dr. Winfried Kösters

Scientific Advisor:
Prof. Dr. Ursula Lehr