Working Group 5:

Employer Branding/HR Marketing and Recruitment

Genuinely successful employer branding aims to use effective marketing to permanently increase the efficiency of the recruitment process through the quality of applicants and to help employees identify more closely with and feel a greater emotional attachment to the company in the long term.

As a result HR marketing can be seen as a cross-divisional function between modern marketing and target group-related, HR management functions or even as a way of thinking that permeates through the entire company. Under the motto "Marketing meets HR", HR marketing is charged with the task of securing qualified and motivated employees for the company in the long term, both internally and externally. Operative tools for this are HR marketing with regard to available personnel through image-building measures via talent management, performance incentives (Bonuses, profit share), fringe benefits and social services (elderly care) and innovation topics such as opportunities for rotation/enrichment/enlargement. Another tool is external HR marketing with relation to the recruitment of new employees through internships, graduate schemes and by hiring trainees and student employees. Attending trade fairs (specialist university fairs), using publications, specialist articles in periodicals, normal market remuneration + X, integration-oriented applicant management, special events, etc..

In this context the theme of recruitment deals with all strategies, concepts and tools for recruiting new employees which, when managed properly, offer lasting support to the HR marketing and employer branding. They can therefore address the topics of human capital management (know-how, experience), qualification management (e.g. competency models), target group specification and global recruiting methods in a targeted manner. Of course it is also important to focus on the topic of recruiting older people, women, unemployed people, people with migrant backgrounds and people from abroad. The use of scholarship programs, endowed professorships and the key theme of online relations and recruitment from the internet via channels such as social media 2.0...

Marco M. Reich,
Director of Talent Management at ZF Group,

Heike Andreschak,
Manager of HR Development and Employer Branding Batz & Team Management GmbH