Working Group 1:


Health is key to guaranteeing innovative strength and sustainability in spite of the significantly increasing average age of the work force. 

Therefore the Health Working Group is committed to best practices and success factors for company health management that takes demographic factors in the company into acount.

Here the topics of "Health and management", "BGM and restructuring within my company" and opportunities for increasing the sustainability of company health management measures (BGM) play a central role. The Group also deals with the question as to how company health management can be evaluated and incorporated into cost-benefit analyses. It also introduces and discusses prediction models and future-oriented analysis tools in order to integrate BGM measures into company processes in a more targeted fashion from a demographic point of view.

HR managers, health managers and occupational health physicians from large companies and from the KMU as well as experts and consultants from the public health system convene within the Health Working Group.

Dr. Michael Drupp, AOK-Lower Saxony

Scientific advisor:
Prof. Dr. Joachim E. Fischer