Working Group 3:

Qualification, Further Training, Learning

A shortage of skilled workers and longer working lives are becoming ever more apparent in many sectors. Problems now frequently arise in the case of recruiting new employees. How can companies recognize, extend and utilize the competencies of their employees in a more targeted way? The working group deals with knowledge transfer, learning within various generations and learning transfer management.Best Practices from various sectors were introduced alongside demographic risk monitors. The examples are taken from both small and large companies. Comparisons on a European scale also give a far wider perspective.

Agents from various sectors work together in the working group: production, insurance companies and various service sectors.
The companies involved have the opportunity to exchange information with experts, share expertise with colleagues and therefore profit from the experience of all those involved in advance

Dipl.-Ing. Ben Krischausky
KIC, Interim management coaching

Scientific Advisor:
Prof. Dr. Ursula M. Staudinger
André Schleiter