Working Group 2:

Work organization and structure

Besides work organization and structuring, the Working Group focuses mainly on the sustainable preservation of working capacity as well as all factors related to this. Its work is divided into the following core questions:

  • How must cooperation between the generations be organized?
  • How can working conditions be made to help motivate employees?
  • How can motivation and employability be maintained in the long term?
  • What age-appropriate working hour models will there be?
  • How will technological and societal progress be integrated into age-appropriate work structuring?

The further development of a diagnostic matrix for the identification of demographic problems is another central focus of its work. It also aims to intensify exchange within the network and continue with internal qualification.

The members of the Work Organization and Structuring working group bring a wide spectrum of professions and functions to the work they carry out.

Dr. Dietrich Bartelt

Scientific Advisor:
Prof. Dr. Juhani Ilmarinen